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Love is all you need.

It’s no secret I’m a Beatles girl. I’m lucky that I married a Beatles boy, and perhaps because of this, our home is full of Sgt. Pepper, Let it Be, and Abbey Road -isms. We speak in Beatles slang, sing loudly and often, and fill the space with music (this happens when you marry a musician/poet). Our home is also full of books (seriously — oh my, the books), photographs, my paintings, his guitars, our chihuahuas’ toys, and heaping bushels of dreams.

There are things it’s missing, future things yet to come and gather and enhance the space, but for now I don’t see the lack. I see what we have, and I feel infinitely blessed. I think, like the Buddha under his Bodhi tree, I wake up a little each day. I see the grace infusing my life and spirit, and I feel peace to be here in the now.

I have dreams, good dreams, and big ones. They’re kept in my pocket always, close to my heart. But I live in love, knowing it’s easy to lose sight of the beauty that surrounds us and there’s dark temptation to give in to the inner critic that can demean my world, can tell me I’m not good enough if I let it. I choose to befriend the inner critic little gremlin, and show it the better side of life. Allow it to witness joy in our home, like how much bliss infuses me from curling up on the couch with my husband and singing a song.

How love grows when you’re not looking, and how we bathe in it at church or while with our friends, and that it surrounds us even when we’re challenged and working through an uphill stage of life.

Because love opened the door and we walked through. Because we discovered with hope and heart, love is all you need.