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It’s been a while since my last blog post, and I thought today would be a nice time to remedy the lack. Blogging is a bizarre experience, when you take into consideration how you never know who reads the words you write. It’s a little odd to think of my voice being on page for strangers, for people I don’t know or even those I do.

Voice is an important part of self. I think as we age, we can lose our voice. It becomes rusty, like a cast iron skillet left out in the rain, or soft like a pile of loosed feathers from a worn down comforter. When I write, I try to keep voice in mind. To let go of my own, and give in to that of the character, of the piece, of the written world as needed.

A funny side effect is if I’m not careful, I lose that essence of Paige. My own authentic sound and self. Today, I am exercising control in letting go of the ways I stifle the inner me. It’s a scary process, changing a pattern, and forgetting old habits. More important than the fear is how this is an exceptionally worthwhile expedition. It’s a reminder that I deserve, that I am worthy. As you are, as we all are.

The squeaky wheels gets the grease, and I am liberally applying oil to the Tin Man that rests inside my soul. It’s going to be a wonder what I discover in this newly opened world. I hope your voice unfurls from you like a song, and the sound fills you with hope.

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