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It’s so easy to lose sight of being present. To fall into the plight of living in the future, anticipating, worrying and trying to predict the outcome of a dream or desire. Or to live in the past, replaying moments that are better left behind. I think it comes down to control, wishing we had a remote to pause, play and fast-forward through life. Or better yet, a screen to create and manipulate all the moments.

But if we did, I wonder, if we wouldn’t lose all the joy that comes from the unpredictable. I can’t speak for anyone else, but when I stop trying to hold tight to ALL THE THINGS I’m juggling in my mind, I find a magical sort of peace settles over me.

In meditation, it’s the space between thought, where breath becomes the focus and my mind clears. It all comes down to intention.

If our perceptions are what dictate our reality, why not make our intention one of love and acceptance? Staring with ourselves, and letting it expand out into the world?

We don’t have to be all the things all the time. Whoever you are, wherever you are, it’s just fine to be that person in this moment. To love and accept yourself as wonderful, as beautiful, and exactly as you should be.